Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

We remember how to trust the truth in our body as our sacred guide, to embody our soul and live a life
aligned with our truth by following our intuition.

During Qoya classes, women are encouraged to listen to, embrace and then express their body's innate wisdom.

Qoya is about finding joy in allowing your body to move the way it wants to move.

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**there are no levels  or physical criteria in Qoya, because it is based on what feels good in your body any age or fitness ability can do it.

Qoya classes in Winnipeg are open to women, and those that identify as women.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, a yoga mat (if you want!) and an open heart!

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What Women are Saying

Qoya has helped me reconnect with how I express who I am as a woman. I do Qoya to reconnect with my body, to reconnect with the feminine and to integrate outside experiences with my inner knowing. My favourite part of Qoya is how it is filled with suprises. Every class offers something new to learn about myself and the circle of women who are also reclaiming their bodies and themselves.
— Nathalie
Each class theme is supported by thoughtful and carefully chosen music encouraging participants to move deeply into their own experience. It’s a shaking, dancing, laughing, crying, life-giving hour that leaves me wondering how I ever got by without it!
— Carole
Qoya meet me where I am which at the start of class is usually tight. Before long my experience becomes expansive and spacious and by the end of class I am able to rest comfortably in my body.
— Joanie
Qoya provides a safe, strong and supportive container for connecting deeply with the wisdom of our bodies while simultaneously opening our hearts, clearing our minds, embracing our Divine light and confronting our Divine shadow. The work out is intense and many of the components that make up a class are so insanely fun it hardly feels like effort!
— Elizabeth